chauffeur driven car hire

General conditions of the contract of hire with driver


• For suburban transfers where is not expected to stop, the fare is calculated using cost per kilometer.

• Mysmartrips by Orazio De Luca collaborates with other hire companies with driver and taxis, with the same standards of quality and efficiency, and can use these companies to perform the services deemed as the most appropriate.

• Each passenger may carry with her/him up to TWO SUITCASES, ALL SURPLUS MUST BE DECLARED at time of booking, to ensure that the car is suitable for such transport.

• It remains at the discretion of the drivers, loading on the cars bulky items not declared or luggage in excess or not having the conditions for safe transport (broken suitcases, dirty, wet, etc.).

• Mysmartrips engages in any reasonable way to achieve on time its own vehicles or other vehicles driven by external collaborators to appointments of departure and arrival at destination, however, it will not be responsible for delays due to causes beyond its control.

• Cars are covered by insurance for themselves and for passangers and in compliance with the movement permits in force in Italy.

• All properties of the passengers are transported entirely under the responsibility of the passenger who declares the property at the time of loading. Please check the correspondence of your baggage, liability for loss or damage will not be accepted. ALL OBJECTS CARRIED TRAVEL UNDER YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.

• If Mysmartrips were to fail to deliver for any reason within its own control through its own means or other means of external partners, the passenger(s) to the destination booked and paid for, it will organise the transfer by external means (Taxi, Limousine, Car rental) and then will reimburse the customer the cost of such transport on production of receipt / invoice. The reimbursement for the transfer may not exceed the rates in force for the same trip which has been agreed.

• Mysmartrips will be liable for any costs and losses due to delays and errors directly attributable to its expertise, in this case a refund will be limited to € 100.00 per booking

• Mysmartrips reserves the right to change at any time part (or all) of these agreements without prior notice to customers, partners, tour operators or agencies.

• It is required to the customer to inform us as soon as possible about any issues arising from outages or failures directly attributable to our work. It will be our duty to mitigate any hardship and loss in customer satisfaction.

• These conditions of carriage and all the connected services respect the laws governing the sale of services in Italy, this guarantees the protection of the passenger and his baggage.


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    Customers can cancel the reservation, according to the conditions agreed at the moment of your reservation, by

  • User’s prohibitions

    User’s prohibitions

    For users of the rental service is prohibited:

    a) smoking during transport,

    b) throwing objects from the stationary or moving vehicle,

    c) getting dirty, soiling or damaging the vehicle,

    d) requiring the carriage of pets without having adopted, in agreement with the company, all possible measures to avoid damage or soiling of the car,

    e) demanding that the carriage is made in violation of safety rules and conduct provided by the current Circulation Code.